Illinois Plumbing License

Illinois Plumbing License

You have to be an authorized pipefitter if you wish to do any work of this kind. Being a pipefitter is not as easy as many people think. If you do not properly fix everything, you might have lots of problems. For example, in the case of improper plumbing pathogenic organisms may penetrate drinking water.

This may cause different health problems. This is why the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) controls pipefitters. It provides a set of rules for them. IDPH gives warrants to about 8,900 plumbers and 2,000 apprentices. So if you want to learn about Illinois Plumbing License in detail, keep reading.

How to Get Illinois Plumbing License

You must complete the form for the plumber’s examination. Do this 30 days before the exam and pay the fee. Applicants have to work as validated apprentice plumbers for a minimum of 4 years before the exam. Only after that, you can apply for one.

You must have specific documents that will prove your 2 years of high school, college, university, or vocational school. In case, you have to take the exam again, you have to feel the retake examination application form. The application cost is $175. If you should renew it, you will pay $100.

The Licensing of Apprentice Plumbers

If you wish to become an apprentice handyman, you are to feel the needed form. You have to prove a sponsorship by an authorized specialist. If you do not pass the exam after a maximum of 6 years of apprenticeship, you are to take the exam.

In case you fail, you will not be eligible for the certificate renewal. If your sponsor does not sponsor you anymore, you feel the cancellation form. You present it to the IDPH within 15 days after the cancellation. The application cost is $100 and the renewal is $100.


Contractors are those who perform plumbing work for another person. They register and pay an annual fee. If one is to register as a plumbing contractor, he/she should feel in the proper registration document. After that, you are to transfer $150 to the given account.

Irrigation Contractors

Irrigation contractors who install or supervise the installation of lawn spraying systems must register annually by completing the needed papers. Besides this, the employers register their employees who install or supervise the installation of lawn spraying systems. They are to notify the Board when the job is canceled by completing the proper document again.

According to the law, applicants are to prove that they do not conduct any child support payments. They submit the proper documents and pay the registration cost that varies from $400 to $1500 depending on the number of employees.


The certificates include the photo of the applicant. The warrants of the City of Chicago begin with PL or BC. They have four or five digits after the letters. The ones that begin with SL are not valid for work.

If you are to verify City of Chicago licenses, call (312) 744-3895. And the ones of the State of Illinois begin with 058 for handymen and with 056 for apprentices. They have 6 digits after the picture. If you want to verify them, call (217) 524-0791.


You can renew your certificate through the online page. It is to be done by April 30th, after the date of issue. The law requires all applicants, regardless of whether they have children, to certify that they are not paying child support. The application will not be approved until this information is completed. It costs $100 for authorized handymen and apprentices.

An important note

All the forms you can find on the department’s official web page. Use it, if you are to search for plumbing warrants. You can use the website and learn more about other states like Illinois Contractor License or others. Go by the link and get the information you need.

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