Illinois Contractor License

Illinois Contractor License

Want to get a contractor’s license in Illinois but don’t know where to start? To assist you, we have created a step-by-step guide for obtaining your Illinois contractor license. Find the answers for the most searched questions for Illinois contractor license lookup just scrolling down.

Do you need a license to be a general contractor in Illinois?

Although Illinois doesn’t require a general contractor license at the state level, licenses are usually regulated at the city or county level, and the requirements can be quite different. There are exceptions to licenses for roofing and plumbing that require state permits. Note this information when beginning Illinois roofing contractor license lookup.

How do I become a licensed contractor in Illinois?

General Requirements for Licensure

First, contact the Illinois Department of Public Health if you’re a contractor who works with:

  • Irrigation
  • Plumbing
  • Removal of asbestos
  • Removal of lead

They can help you secure your license. For everyone else, start the licensing process by:

  • If your business is a partnership, LLC, LLP, or corporation, you must register with the Illinois Secretary of State.
  • To get one or more tax-specific numbers, licenses, or permits, register with the Illinois Department of Revenue.

You secure your workers, you must get worker’s compensation and other business insurance. You’ll then go to the state department to receive an Illinois contractor’s license.

In addition, each city has its own licensing fee. To complete the local requirements for new licenses and renewals, consult with your county or city. You’ll be eligible to get the certificate you need after you have met all of the criteria and passed the tests.

Illinois License Application Forms

  • Applications for Roofing Contractor Licenses can be found here.
  • Applications for a Plumbing Contractor License can be found here.
  • Specialty contractor licenses must be obtained directly from the municipality in which you intend to operate. Please visit the city’s website or call your city hall for applications and info.

Mailing Address:

Roofing Contractor License

Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation
Division of Professional Regulation
P.O. Box 7007
Springfield, Illinois 62791

Plumbing Contractor License:

Illinois Department of Public Health
Plumbing Program
525 W. Jefferson St., 3rd Floor
Springfield, IL 62761

How long does it take to get an Illinois general contractor license?

An application for a general contractor license Illinois is reviewed in about a month after it is submitted. Within two weeks, you’ll obtain your license in the mail you have provided.

You will be allowed to use a licensing reciprocity agreement if you already have an active contractors license in another state. To save time and money, make sure to consult with your local agency to see if this applies to you.

How do I find out if a contractor is licensed in Illinois?

The Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation offers an Illinois contractor license lookup database that can be used to look up and verify any professional license in the state of Illinois by license number, company name, or personal name.

You can also conduct an Illinois general contractor license lookup at the top of this website. To see the results, simply enter some basic data.

How do I get a general contractor’s license in Chicago?

If you live and work in Windy City, you can obtain a business license in Illinois through the City of Chicago Business Affairs and Consumer Protection Department. Then, go to the Chicago Department of Buildings and apply for a contractor’s license. You must provide the following details in your application:

  • a filled-out application form
  • a description of the work you plan to do
  • information about your business and its structure
  • you must have proof of your financial security
  • proof that you have business insurance.

The type of license classification you’re applying for. Chicago offers:

  • Class A license: no limitation on values for any single project
  • Class B license: not allowed to work on projects worth more than $10,000,000
  • Class C license: not allowed to work on projects worth more than $5,000,000
  • Class D license: not allowed to work on projects worth more than $2,000,000
  • Class E license: not allowed to work on projects worth more than $500,000

You must pay a licensing fee for your particular license classification.

Contractors who handle electrical work, plumbing, masonry, cranes, and private alarms must get additional licenses from the City of Chicago Department of Buildings. Call 1-800-359-1313 or email [email protected] if you have any concerns about the licenses you need.



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