Illinois Tattoo License

Illinois Tattoo License

Surely, dealing with someone’s body is a big responsibility, as your mistakes may affect someone’s health. Therefore, from this side, the job of tattooists is hard and risky. Indeed, no one will trust you if you are not a certified specialist. So, earning an Illinois tattoo license is a necessity if you want to perform in the state. By reading our article you can be ready for its obtaining steps.

How to get a license to tattoo?

In fact, not individuals but body art shops need to hold a permit. Thus, the owner ensures that during every procedure they use only sterile tools. This mainly refers to needles that should be new for each customer. The environment must be clear as well. Surely, this aims to save the society from viruses like:

  • Hepatitis
  • Tetanus
  • HIV

IDPH controls and regulates the whole licensing process.

However, all body artists must pass the blood-borne pathogens training. By the way, the Department accepts only OSHA-accredited classes. The law allows you to complete the course out of IL as well. As a result, tattooists gain knowledge of:

  • human anatomy;
  • infectious disease control;
  • skin problems and disorders.

So, the state regulations do not require them to take tests. But, they have to meet health protection demands. Accordingly, the establishment holders determine their proficiency before hiring.

What are the operating requirements?

Indeed, the most important point is having acceptable sanitary conditions. But, what does it mean?

Above all, in a working place, there should be at least 2 sinks. Portable sinks are forbidden. Accordingly, one is in a bathroom, and the second one is next to the artist while tattooing. He uses it only to wash his hands. These two facilities are to occupy a space of 40 square feet.

How to apply?

Since April 2011 only operators are able to submit requests to IDPH in person. An online application is also available. So, the landlord can not register instead of a location renter. The application form includes applicant’s:

  • telephone number;
  • age;
  • name;
  • business address;
  • types of equipment.

Firstly, you should print and fill up the sample. Secondly, pay a $500 licensing fee. Moreover, there is an extra $50 fee for additional stations. Before applying be aware that payment is non-refundable.

Then the inspector contacts you to carry out an inspection. Surely, the latter is to approve that the shop follows hygiene standards. Otherwise, you will not receive a permit.

This lasts 4-6 weeks. However, you may attain a temporary license for a maximum of 14 days. In that case, the charge is $250.

How to renew my certificate?

Upon renewal, you are to schedule a check-up with IDFPR. Yet, they can also conduct it periodically. Like Indiana, Illinois tattoo licenses expire after the 31st of December. So, you have to refresh it every year until this date.

For this reason, you need to pay a $20 fee, before the expiration date. However, if you don’t manage to do it on time for reactivation, you have to give $100. Besides, you are to pass other exams related to:

  • sanitation;
  • laws;
  • safety;
  • sterility.

Although you are able to retake the quiz, they do not refund money. So, it is better to succeed from the first trial.

When will my permit be canceled?

There are some situations when the Department revokes it:

  • Above all, it is when you tattoo a person less than 18 y/o. Firstly, you are to present all the possible risks to them. Also, be sure that parents agree.
  • Surely, when you keep the area dirty. This is serious violence of rules.
  • If you provide services to anyone under alcohol or drug influence.
  • When you don’t store records of your clients. The mandatory term is 10 years.
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