Illinois Security License

Illinois Security License

If you decided to become a security guard in Illinois, you should be informed about the state licensure. Department of Financial & Professional Regulation (IDFPR) manages all licensing operations connected to this work. To be an authorized worker, you must hold a Permanent Employee Registration Card (PERC). Also, fulfill all mandatory hours of practice.

How to get a PERC?

Whether you desire to be an armed or unarmed officer, registering for the card is crucial. There are minimum preconditions to learn before you apply:

  1. Be eighteen or older
  2. Have a social number
  3. A photocopy of your ID
  4. Submit a fingerprint background check

If the above-mentioned conditions match you, you are eligible to download the Application Package. Then, fill out all necessary forms. It costs $55 and the Illinois security license must be renewed every three years. A renewal notice is sent to you by mail, three months before its expiration. 

Bear in mind that criminal history inspection is the most important step of your request. Visit the official website and find the vendors’ list near your area. Once you submit your fingerprints, the Dept of Police issues a receipt. Do not forget to include this along with other docs. You should forward full copies and appropriate payment to their address.

Allow 6-8 weeks to review your request and receive certification. Arkansas grants the permit in eight weeks, too.

Requirements for Armed Security Officers

If you want to use a legal handgun in your workplace, consider completing the Firearm Control. Follow the basic standards here:

  • Be 21 or older
  • Finish the 40-hour shotgun curriculum
  • Payment of fees

Remember to write in all attached documents. As soon as you end that, deliver them to the IDFPR location with the required sum.

Note that, in certain cases, some waiving may be applicable. To acquire further details about this, go to the Waiver for Training section.

Private Security Contractor

One should own an Illinois security license and meet the definite criteria to be an individual contractor in this state. So, here are terms you need to know:

  • Be at least 21
  • Have 3+ supervisory experience carrying out similar duties or serving in law enforcement (if the potential candidate does not have a degree related studies)
  • Possess 2+ supervising expertise if the applicant has a BA diploma in political science or relevant field. Demands can be waived according to the level of your qualification.
  • Absence of any felony
  • Pass the essential test with a score of 70% or above
  • Have general liability insurance of $1 million
  • Be healthy and have good moral character

It is obligatory to take the examination on Continental Testing Service (CTS) once you complete your blank. To appoint an exam date, the price will be $298. Additionally, you should also pay charges of $500.

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